Our Programs



Coping  is best suited for those recently out of their relationships. Coping begins on the first Sunday after Columbus Day in October, and runs for six consecutive weeks for two hours on Sunday evenings.

Coping meetings are held from 6PM - 8PM (we suggest you arrive by 5:45). 

The next Coping program begins October 20, 2019.

Coping topics include: Dealing with the loneliness and stress, Being single again, Discovering yourself, Changes in relationships, and Growth. 



Rebuilding is designed for adults that are separated, divorced or widowed who are beyond the initial trauma and wanting to move on.  The program generally follows the book Rebuilding - When Your Relationship Ends by Bruce Fisher.   Widows participants will read a different book, Widow to Widow by Genevieve Ginsburg. We ask for a $50 donation, which covers the cost of the book and other administrative costs.    Weekly topics are intended to form stepping stones that help each participant move ahead with rebuilding his or her life.

Rebuilding meetings are held from 5:30PM - 8PM (we suggest you arrive by 5:15) on Sunday evenings for nine weeks (excluding Easter). 

The next Rebuilding session begins in February 24, 2019.

Rebuilding topics include: 

  • Rebuilding blocks
  • Grief
  • Fear
  • Guilt and rejection
  • Anger
  • Self worth, letting go 
  • Openness, trust, and risks
  • Relationships

Participants read the relevant chapter(s) prior to each meeting.  Facilitators give a presentation about their experience with the topic, followed by smaller breakout groups with facilitators and participants.

Are these programs for me?

Coping and Rebuilding participants are as varied as the Northern Virginia area.   We have men and women, we have people in their twenties and people in their nineties, and many in between.  We have people of many religions, ethnicities, income levels, and educations.   We have parents of young children, parents of grown children, and people with no children.  What we have in common is our willingness to work through the end of our marriage and get ourselves to a better place.