Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register?

 You may register for either program (or make inquiries) by sending an email to the group organizers (  You may also register at the first meetings of either program.  Please provide your name, telephone number, email address, status (separated, divorced, or widowed), and how long you were married.    On-line registration is available here.

How much do the program cost?

There are nominal fees for Coping and Rebuilding.  Fees cover the use of the facilities where the sessions are held, handout materials, and other incurred expenses.  The payment structure is different for each program.  The recommended donation for Coping is $5.00 per meeting, paid at each of the six sessions.  The fee for Rebuilding is $50 for all meetings, paid at the first meeting that you attend (Note: New Rebuilding participants are only accepted during the first and second meetings).

What if I miss a session?

Unfortunately there are no "make-up" sessions unless one is cancelled by the program team due to weather or some other interfering factor.  Participants are encouraged to read the materials for each session and answer the chapter questions on their own.  If you miss a session, ask a facilitator or one of your fellow participants to go over the topic with you.  Rebuilding accepts new participants in the first two weeks; Coping accepts new participants throughout the program.

Do I have to answer the questions given each session?

No. Participants are usually asked to consider several questions related to the topic of each session.  There are no right  or wrong answers, you do not submit your written answers, nor are they shared with anyone.  The questions are simply used as a way for you to think about your feelings related to the topics.  They are often used as the basis for discussion in the breakout groups.

How do I find out if a session is canceled?

In the event that a session needs to be canceled, your facilitators will notify you (you may also call them or send an email to the program at  Rescheduling a cancelled session is discussed with the whole group at the next meeting.  Cancellation announcements will also be posted on this web site.

I'm uncomfortable talking to a group of people I don't know. Can I trust them?

All participants (and facilitators) are instructed to keep any discussions and information learned during the programs confidential.  We ask that you read our privacy policy.